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Hcontrol componenten

Hcontrol met electronische cilinder Burgwaechter

Hcontrol componenten

NIEUW ! Hcontrol Bold

Hcontrol met electronische cilinder Bold

NIEUW ! Hcontrol Bold

Hcontrol met sluitplaat

Hcontrol met electrische sluitplaat

Hcontrol met sluitplaat

Hcontrol access control


The smart and safe solution for "key-management".


The Hcontrol® access control system is working with numeric codes that can be remotely managed (by the internet). There is almost no limitation in the number of codes / users (>10000).


The NO key solution for (holiday) homes, sportunits, meetingrooms etc.




  • Remotely assigment of codes with timeslot(s) by our bookingmodule.
  • You will be informed by email who is entering your property.
  • Wifi possible with the supplied accesspoint 



The bookingmodule is giving you the possibility fully automaticly arranging the reservation, payment and mailing the accesscode.


Being the administrator you can configurate your bookings/reservations. Take a look at Bookingmodule  (user: demo password: demo).

Don't hesitate to call and/or mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hcontrol "simpel, betrouwbaar en veilig"