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About Hcontrol

Hcontrol® has been founded en is inmiddels een aantal jaren actief op het gebied van toegangscontrole systemen.


Het idee om een toegangscontrolesysteem te ontwikkelen dat opafstand te beheren is en waarbij GEEN fysieke sleutel nodig is, ontstond tijdens de zomervakantie in 2008. Met een ICT achtergrond en ruim 20 jaar ervaring in de industriële automatisering ben ik zelf vervolgens aan de slag gegaan.

Doordat alles in eigen beheer is ontwikkeld, kunnen we ook maatoplossingen bieden.

Hcontrol maakt GEEN gebruik van fysieke sleutels zoals de bekende druppels (transponders), magneten maar gebruik van een "pin-code"..


In 2009 zijn een aantal pilotsystemen geinstalleerd. Nadat deze een half jaar storingsvrij in bedrijf waren, zijn we het systeem gaan vermarkten.


Inmiddels worden de Hcontrol systemen in bijna heel Europa verkocht.

Behalve in Nederland hebben we systemen draaien in België, Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Tsjechië en Frankrijk.

Sinds kort zijn we ook actief op de Turkse markt.


Op de volgende pagina's vindt u enkele nieuwsberichten over Hcontrol.

Mocht u overigens nog tips en/of aanbevelingen hebben, dan hoor ik graag van u.


met hartelijke groet,


Norbert Snijders


Hcontrol access control


The smart and safe solution for "key-management".


The Hcontrol® access control system is working with numeric codes that can be remotely managed (by the internet). There is almost no limitation in the number of codes / users (>10000).


The NO key solution for (holiday) homes, sportunits, meetingrooms etc.




  • Remotely assigment of codes with timeslot(s) by our bookingmodule.
  • You will be informed by email who is entering your property.
  • Wifi possible with the supplied accesspoint 



The bookingmodule is giving you the possibility fully automaticly arranging the reservation, payment and mailing the accesscode.


Being the administrator you can configurate your bookings/reservations. Take a look at Bookingmodule  (user: demo password: demo).

Don't hesitate to call and/or mail us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Why Hcontrol ?

De onderdelen van een Hcontrol systeem



The door can be opened with a pincode.



The pincode only is valid during the configured timeperiod.



Hcontrol is the no-key solution. The users don't have to use a physical key.

No risk loosing keys. Also very handy for big groups. Everyone can operate the system.



The codes are sent to the Hcontrol system by encrypted codes.  After 5x giving wrong codes the system will not respond for 3 minutes. In this way it's almost imposible to do a random guess. 






The system is easy to install. The lock is wireless controlled by the main system:


  1. Remove old cilinder-lock, put in the new lock
  2. Fix the new lock with the central bolt
  3. Press the knobs on both sides 
  4. Fix the knobs 


Booking module


Using our management and bookingsmodules you can remotely create users with pincodes and timeframes.  This can be done from any place in the world were you have an internet connection available.


Also it's possible to display a reservation calendar on your website. It is even possible to let your customers pay online (paypall/credit card/ideal) and automatically receive their pincode (after payment) by email.


Hcontrol has developed two different management-bookingsmodules:



Bookingsmodule for days: 

This module will fit users that want to rent their holiday home(s). The pincode period will be several days. The startingtime and leavingtime are adjustable and valid for all users.


Below you can see an example of a reservation calendar (based on days).



To see the front end site (management) you can have a look here.



Timeslots bookingsmodule:

This module can be used for flex offices, meetingrooms etc 

The period will exist out of a number of timeslots. because you can create the length of the timeslots the possiblities are enormously. This module is off course also available in English


Below you can see an example of a reservation calendar (Timeslot based).




If you also want to see the front end side you can click here. (user: demo password:demo).




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Do you install the system on location ?

Normally the Hcontrol® systems  will be delivered as "do it yourself"-package. We will configure the system in such a way that it is plug and play for you. If however you want the system to be installed by us or one of our partners, than this also can be arranged.  Just mail us your adress and some foto's of the situation and we will make a quotation for you.


What will happen when the internet connection is down ?

The Hcontrol® systems have a  flash memory. All users, codes and timeframes are stored locally. The system will continue to work, even without internet.


What will happen when the power is gone ?

When the power is gone the system will not function. However because all users , pincodes and timeframes are locally stored, the system will work as soon as the power comes back. It's possible to order an extra battery powered remotecontrol that will work even when the mainpower is gone.


Can the door also be opened with a "normal" key?

We deliver two keys that can be used in case of emergency.


Can the Hcontrol® system also control the dead lock ?

With the Hcontrol wireless, both the bolt latch as the dead lock can be controlled. Also most of the multi-point locking systems can be controlled by this lock.


Can we also use the Hcontrol® system abroad ?

Yes, everywere were you have internetpossibilities you can use the Hcontrol® systemt. At this moment we have systems installed in: France, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands.


What are the yearly costs and to maintain the system ?

The system needs new batteries every year (we suggest to changes batteries every 6 months). Besides the bookinmodule there are no further costs to the system. Our support (email) is always free.


My question is not mentioned

Please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.



Hcontrol "simpel, betrouwbaar en veilig"