Landgoed Nieuwhuis

Landgoed Nieuwhuis

Recently we opened a luxury group accommodation in Denekamp. It seats up to 18 people.


In the design we thought about a practicle accesscontrol system without the use of keys or passes.


RVS toetsenbordje inbouw

Hcontrol has provided a perfect system for this. As soon as our guests fulfilled the commitments they get the PIN code by email or SMS. The code has been set for a timeperiod in future. 

The Hcontrol system perfectly fits our target to do all communication with our guests by email. No more hassling keys or magnet-cards. All the other doors can be locked from the inside. Also very handy is the email you can get when someone enters the door. In this way you can see when the cleaning has been done or the guests have been arrived.


 Using Hcontrol ... only advantages.!



You want to see how it works ?  Just book a weekend via Landgoed Nieuwhuis



Eddy Nieuwhuis (Denekamp)