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Maracaibo 1, 2 en 3

 Marcaibo Hohentauern Oostenrijk

In hohentauern (Austria) we also installed several Hcontrol systems. At the chalets Maracaibo1, Maracaibo2 and Maracaibo3 the access is controlled by Hcontrol.

The chalets have all the luxury you dreamed about (sauna, jacuzzi, steam shower cabins etc).
Because there was no fixed internetline available we used installed a mobile solution. If you like the appartments have a look at: Belvilla


We are very satisfied with the good service and the end result !

Through the bookingsmodule, we can easily add users with accesscodes to our chalets in Austria. No matter if i''m in Venezuela or in Aman i always have the ability to access the bookingsmodule by the internet. Because there was no cable-internet available in the ""Almdorf" we used a Hcontrol system with a mobile dongle. In this way we can offer our guests wireless internet. Hcontrol also placed some outdoor camera's so we can always see the chalets.

Weldone a good job, thanks for the excelent service and backup.


Gerrit Ham, Venezuela