Booking module


Using our management and bookingsmodules you can remotely create users with pincodes and timeframes.  This can be done from any place in the world were you have an internet connection available.


Also it's possible to display a reservation calendar on your website. It is even possible to let your customers pay online (paypall/credit card/ideal) and automatically receive their pincode (after payment) by email.


Hcontrol has developed two different management-bookingsmodules:



Bookingsmodule for days: 

This module will fit users that want to rent their holiday home(s). The pincode period will be several days. The startingtime and leavingtime are adjustable and valid for all users.


Below you can see an example of a reservation calendar (based on days).



To see the front end site (management) you can have a look here.



Timeslots bookingsmodule:

This module can be used for flex offices, meetingrooms etc 

The period will exist out of a number of timeslots. because you can create the length of the timeslots the possiblities are enormously. This module is off course also available in English


Below you can see an example of a reservation calendar (Timeslot based).




If you also want to see the front end side you can click here. (user: demo password:demo).




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