Why Hcontrol ?

De onderdelen van een Hcontrol systeem



The door can be opened with a pincode.



The pincode only is valid during the configured timeperiod.



Hcontrol is the no-key solution. The users don't have to use a physical key.

No risk loosing keys. Also very handy for big groups. Everyone can operate the system.



The codes are sent to the Hcontrol system by encrypted codes.  After 5x giving wrong codes the system will not respond for 3 minutes. In this way it's almost imposible to do a random guess. 






The system is easy to install. The lock is wireless controlled by the main system:


  1. Remove old cilinder-lock, put in the new lock
  2. Fix the new lock with the central bolt
  3. Press the knobs on both sides 
  4. Fix the knobs